About Us

Who are Mountain Movers?

The Beginning

Mountain Movers was set up to be a community group of fellow home educators where everyone was welcome. It also needed to be able to meet specific children’s needs, such as not too much sensory overload and having structured activities for those who needed them.

Young child reading a story to their teddy bear outside on the grass

Hours were spent trying to find the right venue. It took time but near the Aberdulais waterfalls, a wonderful community centre was found. With mountains on three sides, the building exuded calm and positivity – just the gentle sound of birds and the odd splatter of rain.

Little did we realise there was this huge need for such a group, within three weeks the group outgrew the building and families kept coming. A new venue had to be found, but the ethos of empowering, enabling and including remained fundamental.

We all need to feel useful, with our voices heard as part of the larger community. Within Mountain Movers, parents and children move mountains everyday and everyone gets to feel they are part of something bigger.

The Present

Together as a community, we can inspire the next generation to be the kind of people the world needs. Full of kindness, compassion, curiosity and skills that can change the world.

Young people can develop skills that will create paths for learning and living, where they feel that being home educated gives them the biggest smile.

Mountain Movers is where everyone’s individuality is included and valued, where no one is segregated, where families can learn from each other and there is always someone making a cup of tea.

Why Home Education?

The reasons why a family chooses to home educate their child are infinite. There are some common themes for sure, such as the freedom to explore a wider range of subjects, subjects that can be tailored to your child’s interests and can offer a deeper, more impactful and long lasting experience for them and the whole family.

For others it is the enjoyment of being solely responsible for their child’s develpment & learning – being able to guide and instil the love of learning by not needing to stick to a rigid, narrrow preset list of learning methods that have to cover all abilities & situations but instead tailored to their child.

The majority of families in the UK tend to choose the traditional schooling experience and only find out about home education when the school system isn’t working for their child. Bullying, unmet disability needs, lack of dedicated teaching time, rigid learning schedules and methods, as well as academic boredom are just some examples but the list is infinite.

Problems with bullying, poor mental health &/or unmet additional learning needs (ALN) are the most common reasons given when a family deregisters their child from school. Around 90% of families in Mountain Movers have a child with an additional learning need.

girl stating at mobile phone in the dark

Children with ALN (SEN) or those within ‘education other than at school’ (EOTAS) provisions generally have the poorest outcomes.

Children and young people with a learning difficulty are THREE times more likely to have a mental health condition (Lavis et al., 2019). The Mental Health Taskforce back in 2016 showed that  HALF of ALL mental health problems are established by the age of 14!  When we consider the latest data from NHS Digital, 2020 which states the rate of mental health problems in school-aged children is now  1 in 6 – a dramatic increase from 1 in 9 in 2017, the evidence is backing up what we are witnessing, a deadly mental health pandemic in our children that is contributing to an average 4 school children taking their own lives every week in the UK (Papyrus Charity 2018). Is it any wonder that so many families are choosing a different option for their children?

At Mountain Movers, how you come to home education is not important. What you will find here is a community full of like-minded families who support and nurture each other.

Throughout the UK, a rising tide of parents are rejecting these prospects and going beyond the traditional route to improve their child’s life, happiness and education.

The Future

The common end goal that unites us, is in the respecting and enjoyment of the precious time that is our children’s childhood. 

By supporting them in this crucial time to reach their potential, guiding and stretching them towards independence and equipping them with vital resilience and wellbeing tools for life. We are looking to help them build towards a life of happiness, self-confidence and a passion for lifelong, self-directed learning – one of life’s golden skills and one that is becoming more important as the world continues to rapidly change.

Young girl using a virtual reality headset

We all shine more when we are given the freedom to work on what we love.

Sir Richard Branson

At Mountain Movers, everyone is accepted and valued for who they are. Where real inclusive is happening every day in this crazy world.


If you would like further information on Mountain Movers or home education in general, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us for a chat.